Emunity Nettle drink gives you benefits of Nettle in two great tasting drinks.

Simply Refreshing & Nothing Artificial

About Us

Roy having spent his life as a successful pharmacist owning his own businesses, decided to sell up and become a Locum. Back in 2016, he was sent to work alongside Nas in running a pharmacy in Thornton; it was during their lunch breaks there that Roy & Nas first recognized the pattern of healthy teas consumed by both customers and the other staff.

This sparked off a memory of Roy’s great grandfather Moses Bellis; a Welsh herbalist who used to forage for Nettle leaves to make a ‘cure all tea’ for his daughters . He used to tell them it was full of iron for their blood, a diuretic to get rid of their excess water and bloating and as a detoxifying herb, it would help keep their skin beautiful; but it tasted awful so had to be sweetened with two teaspoons of honey.

This started them both thinking ‘why isn’t nettle consumed more and available ready to drink?’ This was their lightbulb moment. They decided to develop Emunity blended with other healthy ingredients and sweetened to taste, bringing an ancient yet successful remedy into the 21st Century, It took Covid19 to make them realise that consumers needed Emunity now more than ever.

We have also launched our drinks on Amazon to make the benefits of Nettle available to masses.

Developed By The Two Chemists

Roy Lamb

Roy Lamb is the co-founder of Nasslor Healthdrinks Ltd who are introducing “Emunity” a new healthy nettle and fruit flavoured drink to the U.K market. Before devoting his work full time to Nasslor Roy worked as a pharmacist manager for Lloyds Pharmacy Group at various branches around the Northwest of England. ln 1989 he was granted a pharmacy contract to open a new community pharmacy in Wigan. The business developed and expanded its services to nursing and care homes and a specialist slimming clinic.

Roy started a new Locum Pharmacist services business were a chance booking in 2016 to a Lloyd’s pharmacy in Thornton on the Fylde coast introduced him to fellow Pharmacist and now business partner Nasir Isaji.

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Nasir Isaji

Nasir Isaji, the other half of the co-founder of Nasslor healthdrinks Ltd, who introducing ”Emunity” a new healthy nettle and fruit flavoured drink to the U.K market.

Qualified with honours from Liverpool John Moore university in 2012, completing my trainee pharmacist year in community pharmacy with Lloyds pharmacy in Thornton. Roy with his business expertise and Nas with his drive to success in business, met their perfect match for the start of Emunity drinks. Treating a number of diseases and conditioning give these two pharmacists the edge in the ever-growing market plant and herbal market as alternative treatment for a number of conditions.